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Specialized CO 2Laser Consumables Manufacturer

EFR has 20 years of experience in manufacturing and selling CO 2laser tubes and accessories. We research, develop and produce such laser consumables as CO 2laser tubes, CO 2laser power supplies and CO 2laser optics for manufacturers, distributors and users of laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines and other laser processing machineries. Each laser tube for industrial use is reliable, stable, precise, fast and features a low failure rate and a long service life, promoting their reputation among different industries and applications. With an annual production of 100,000 laser spare parts used for laser processing equipment, we can meet bulk purchasing needs as well as customization needs. Simply feel free to contact us and learn more about our CO 2laser replacement parts.

Main products
    1. A Series CO 2Laser TUbe

      Discharge raw glass tube is imported from Germany, the complete glass tube quality is strictly controlled. The CO 2laser tube is guaranteed to have a leak proof performance.

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    1. X Series CO 2Laser Tube

      Our company manufactures industrial-grade laser tubes with stable laser beam quality, offering innovative application solutions for global users.

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    1. F Series CO 2Laser Tube

      Its laser power reaches up to 200W, which is 30% more than traditional laser tubes. This cost effective classic CO 2laser tube has a compact size, stable laser power.

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    1. CL Series CO 2Laser Tube

      Our standard CL series CO 2laser tube is a common laser equipment accessory that is characterized by a stable performance, reliable quality and low failure rate.

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    1. CO 2Laser Power Supply

      Characterized by a high efficiency, frequency, and speed, the PS-N series CO 2laser power supply is a matched power supply for CO 2laser devices.

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    1. CO 2Laser Optics (CO 2Laser consumable for Laser Machines)

      CO 2laser mirrors are essential parts for optical processing machines such as laser cutting machines, laser engraving machines, laser marking machines.

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    1. Total Reflector

      The Mo total reflector is typically uncoated and can withstand high laser power to meet the demanding requirements for working environments.

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    1. Laser Focus Lens

      We use US imported CVD ZnSe with a low absorption and double sided, anti-reflection capabilities to enable the ZnSe focus lens to withstand a high laser power density.

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