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  • F260 Series CO 2Laser TubeThe first domestic technology to use compressed to cool the Laser tube mirror and windows, the effect of the air cooling system is much higher than the effect of the water cooling system common used in the industry. It only needs to connect a small power air compressed , which is convenient and efficient.
  • A Series CO 2Laser Tube

    The catalyst contained laser tube uses non-tunable cavity and advanced glass to metal-seal technology, ensuring the laser has a service life of 540 days.

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  • F Series CO 2Laser Tube

    Its laser power reaches up to 200W, which is 30% more than traditional laser tubes. This cost effective classic CO 2laser tube has a compact size, stable laser power.

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  • CL Series CO 2Laser Tube

    Our standard CL series CO 2laser tube is a common laser equipment accessory that is characterized by a stable performance, reliable quality and low failure rate.

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  • X Series CO₂ Laser Tube

    The CO₂ laser tube uses direct glass to metal-seal technology to prevent gas leakage. Our company manufactures industrial-grade laser tubes with stable laser beam quality, offering innovative application solutions for global users.

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  • CO 2Laser Power Supply

    Characterized by a high efficiency, frequency, and speed, the PS-N series CO 2laser power supply is a matched power supply for CO 2laser devices.

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    1. Total Reflector

      The Mo total reflector is typically uncoated and can withstand high laser power to meet the demanding requirements for working environments.

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    1. Laser Focus Lens

      We use US imported CVD ZnSe with a low absorption and double sided, anti-reflection capabilities to enable the ZnSe focus lens to withstand a high laser power density.

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